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AMP4Kids introduces children to the excitement of imagining and designing their own creations.

From 3D design, to 3D modelling and then 3D printing.

What do we teach?

We teach children to design and create 3D models using the SolidWorks Apps for Kids and show them how to 3D print their creations. 

We engage your child from as early as 7 years to develop their ability to design in 3D.  

We encourage and give children the tools to follow their passion in any practical design, engineering and manufacturing field imaginable.

Once a child has grasped the basics, we guide them through the next level of design and innovation and facilitate their journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

A whole new world of endless possibilities lies at their fingertips.

SolidWorks Apps for kids

Dream it, Design it, Make it

SolidWorks Apps for Kids inspires young creators to turn their wildest dreams into reality.

Through guided lessons, children will be able to develop their skills and will soon have the ability to design, model and create in 3D. The barriers and constraints that we experience as adults do not exist for children, which allows them to see things from a fresh perspective and often solve complex problems.

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3D Printing


Let us take you on a creative journey that will allow you to innovate beyond anything you could ever imagine.

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