Hi there, I’m Lienké

"I have a passion for children's education and create awesome content to help you learn."


I am a creative person with a passion for art, engineering and child development.  AMP 4 Kids stimulates all 3 those passions. I have a diploma in Entertainment Technology from TUT. Here I spent my days painting and sculpting. Now I am “sculpting” (3d modelling) on the computer and 3d printing my “sculptures”.


After becoming a mom my passion for child development started.  With AMP 4 Kids, kids will develop 3d thinking brain paths from an early age which is crucial for the  4th industrial revolution we are entering (industry 4.0).  This will encourage their interest in practical designing and manufacturing while also determining if they are inclined towards engineering and manufacturing.


AMP 4 Kids opens up a whole new world for them with endless possibilities.

I love being creative and building things, because of this I went on to become a qualified pastry chef and my passion now has lead me to creating things in 3D where I can bring my creations to life.


After I was retrenched due to Covid, I started at AMP4Kids, at first it was just something to help me get back on my feet but through meeting my teammates and teaching classes with the children I have developed a love for my work that exceeds my passion and look forward to assisting the growth of the future creators of this world.


Hi there, I’m Chantelize

"I love being creative and building things."